This recipe roundup is a compilation of various Thanksgiving recipes created by myself and some of my favorite foodie friends. While there can be a lot of negativity around the topic of social media, I can also say, it brings a lot of positives into my life. Through my food blog & Instagram, I have been able to connect with people who share similar interests as me and push and support me to be my best version of myself. And friends, that is just one of the MANY things I am thankful for this year. If you click the PDF below, you will be able to see each recipe with the ingredients and the step by step instructions. Because I love my foodie friends, I will also link their websites and/or Instagram handles here if you want to give them some extra love – because they are good at what they do! Feel free to leave any comments or questions in the box at the bottom of the screen. Or, let me know what you are thankful for this year!

FREE E-COOKBOOK HERE: Feel free to download & print to make for an easier time in the kitchen!

My contribution to the E-Cookbook was Paleo Apple Crisp and let me tell you folks, it does not disappoint! If you download the E-Cookbook above you will see the ingredients and instructions for my Paleo Apple Crisp. But if you want more suggestions, tips, and ingredient alternatives click here for the whole scoop! I have the biggest sweet tooth and do not just take adequate desserts. So, believe me when I say this is for real.

My foodie friends and the authors of our fun Instafriendsgiving E-Cookbook!

Alden from @whataldenate

Jessica from @foodswithjessica or

Mikaela from @extratomatoes or

Amber C. from @cookedbycobbs

Amber W. from @coffeeandcollards or

Leslie from @laughingkitchenco or

Emily from @honestavocado or

Alex from @dishtinguished

We hope you enjoy cooking from our E-Cookbook as much as we enjoyed making it! Feel free to insert any questions/comments/reviews below! We love your support and wish you and your families a safe and happy Thanksgiving celebration!

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