This Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup is a compilation of various Thanksgiving recipes created by myself and other amazing food bloggers. This Thanksgiving “Instafriendsgiving E-Cookbook” takes out the stress of creating a cleaner Thanksgiving menu for you and the people you love!

This White Chicken Chili is packed with flavor, hearty chicken, and is sure to please an entire crowd. It is a spin on a classic and I hope you enjoy it!

This Chicken Cauliflower Fried Rice has all the flavor of your favorite Chinese takeout without all the guilt. It is made with fresh, real ingredients that leave you feeling satiated and good about your food selections. Plus, it is a one pot recipe – so that means minimal dishes!

This Juicy Taco Burger with my Cilantro Lime Sauce and Mango Salsa is a burger with so many layers, it looks intimidating to make and eat. Contrary to that belief, it is made with simple ingredients, simple steps, but yes, you are right, it is so delicious, that it may be intimidating to eat. Check it out for yourself!

This mango salsa is fruity, savory, crisp, and simple. This mango salsa would be incredible on grilled chicken, on a Taco Burger, or as a snack!

This buffalo chicken meatball recipe is full of flavor and is certain to please everyone. Serve it as an appetizer or make it for dinner – it is versatile and delicious.

This is a delicious savory summer salmon salad that has a little spice from the salmon, and little savory bite with the blue cheese, and hearty with all the veggies. This salad will be sure to satiate your taste buds and fuel your body with clean ingredients!

This Grilled Chili Lime Shrimp Skewer recipe is fresh, fun, and flavorful for an easy, under 20 minute summer dinner recipe!

Your Taco Tuesday is about to be taken to the next level! This is THE taco casserole of your dreams. Yes, you heard me right…it is all that and a side of guac. It is a little time intensive but it is SO simple and worth every single second. Feel free to check my notes …

Part of me finds it a little unfair to call this a “recipe” as it quite possibly is the easiest thing to throw together. But, they are pretty and taste delicious so I figured I would share it. These buffalo chicken lettuce cups are simple, but they are mouthwatering good and are sure to wow …